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Our story

Greetings, folks! Thanks for checking out our website. We are the new owners of Totem Pole RV Park! We are so excited to be your hosts. We love travel and we love South Texas! As residents of Port Aransas, we can tell you that a beach day is never too far away from Totem Pole RV Park. But backing up just a bit, my husband and I met at the University of Texas in Austin. We are true Longhorn fans through and through! (Hook 'em!) While Austin was our home for quite some time, it wasn't long before the Gulf Coast called us to Port Aransas. All those trips along I-37 and our usual stop in Mathis, TX drew our attention to the gorgeous land surrounding Totem Pole RV Park. It took us a bit, but we finally became the newest owners of the park. We hope you fall in love with the sunsets, the open fields, the bird watching, and nature walks like we did. 

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